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Magic Factory:  MAD about  Making  A  Difference

 "Get Into The Magic-Mess" 
  • "Mess Management for Beginners"

Don't ever give up on life. Go out and make mistakes, make a mess, make a fuss, make a noise, but most of all make the most of your life!
-Nishan Panwar 

Never shy off to move forward when opportunity knocks the door. Take chances, make mistake, the next obstacle may be a stepping stone. Life may be full of mess, but it is also full of pleasant surprises. This life is what you make it. No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up.
-Dr Anil Kr Sinha 

Life is a mess they say. A beautiful mess that often scares us to death.

Our Mess Management Trainings for Beginners will equip you with all necessary skills to begin turning the mess in your life into an exciting and enjoyable journey to Yourself and Your Unique Ways to Happiness. 


  • "The Healing Mess of Art​"

Art-making is a beautiful mess. Discover the healing and revealing powers of art therapy with our individual and group programs, delivered in beautiful detached countrysides, busy art events or creative urban street settings. 

  • "Learning Mess for Managers"

Innovation and creativity in its finest. Tailor-made courses for managers of personal lives and businesses. Following our "3I"-approach, the Learning Mess training programs in Magic Factory offer a unique opportunity for development of innovative managemental skills involving you in an Intensive Interdisciplinary  and Interactive experience that will change your life.

  • "Jump into the Training Mess"

Teaching and - more specifically - Creative Teaching at its best is a messy process. It starts with stepping out of the mold and finding yourself feeling trepidation about stepping into an unknown place.  This is where learning and growth begin to happen. Our "Jump into the Training Mess" seminars and creative workshops are designed to guide those who teach, train, coach, mentor, or work in some way in learning settings with other humans.​

  • "This Lovely Gender Mess"

The Gender Mess could be scary for many. Personal perceptions and cultural traditions could often make it hard to handle.  Our discussion groups and creative workshops will help you overcome the confusion and frustration that the Gender Mess can sometimes gives us, equipping you with skills to see the beauty of the gender mess and capacities to manage it in every-day life.